Save the date 29.6.2024

Saturday 29.6.2024 we will go to the archipelago when the Tour d Archipedalo 170km is arranged again, with a slightly different arrangement than last year.

Right now we want you to write the date in your calendar and wait for more information to come shortly!

Welcome to the Käringsundsloppet 29.6.2024


Thank you 2023

Thanks to all 78 persons who participated in Käringsundsloppet 2023. Now we will first carry out the rest of this year’s events and at then plan the next season. The website will be updated latest at the end of the year.
All our events can be found at


Welcome to Käringsundsloppet 1-2.7.2023

1-2.7.2023 it’s time again for Käringsundsloppet that will continue as a two day event, but with some changes!

Saturday’s 170km Tour á Archipedalo will be a part of the event, basically completely unchanged.
But on Sunday we leave out both timing and partly the course marking to go for a “Sunday cycling” together in groups. The distances to choose from are the same as before, ie 110km, 30km and 10km.
Once back in Käringsund on Sunday the popular “Cykelträffen” will again be organized, i.e. the participants will be offered a light lunch consisting of i.a. grilled sausage, cold beer and nice cycling talk!

With a relatively flat landscape, short distances, most hours of sunshine in the Nordic region and a well-developed road network that extends both above the main island and the archipelago Aland Island is made for cycling. On the more than 1000 km of public roads in the Åland Islands you can see everything from families with children on cycling holiday to competitive cyclists who want to quickly get to the finish line.

Käringsund MTB is arranged on Sunday 2.7, in co operation with IF Åland Cykel. An MTB race on the specially built MTB track in Käringsund where participants can win prizes for the most and fastest laps.

Every start and finish will take place at Käringsund Resort & Conference where you also can book your accommodation and enjoy other happenings such as a real Rockabilly- party!

Do something extra and take part in Käringsundsloppet  –  a weekend filled with fantastic cycling!