Welcome to Käringsundsloppet 28-29.6.2025

Again we will focus on Saturday when we go out into the archipelago to once again complete the Tour d Archipedalo 170km, without official timing. An internal Strava competition is created for those who want to compete. The race as a competition alternative is a combined road and time trial race that is primarily intended for the experienced cyclist who can keep going at a high pace all day. The race can also be enjoyed at a leisurely pace in our beautiful archipelago, without any competitive elements. Exercisers can start any time between 06:00 and 07:00 and are responsible for making it to Svinö in time for the ferry to Föglö. Otherwise the competition class and exercisers cycle together all day. In other words, the day is also perfect for a group where only some want to let the lactic acid and adrenaline flow while the others want to enjoy themselves with an overproduction of endorphins.
After the race on Saturday an Afterbike is organized by the sea with a sauna, hot tub and a grilled evening snack.

Also in 2025 we will also offer cycling on Sunday, but we will leave out both timing and partial course markings in order to go out for a “sunday cycling” together with other participants. Planned distances are approx. 100km, 80km and 30km. The groups are accompanied by a guide who knows the Åland roads. Sunday’s routes are intended as an opportunity for our participants to fill the entire weekend with cycling. The focus is not on who gets to the finish line first, but we will enjoy the ride and the pleasant company. After the race participants can enjoy the beach sauna and then have a nice lunch on the terrace in the company of other cyclists.

With a relatively flat landscape, short distances, most hours of sunshine in the Nordic region and a well-developed road network that extends both above the main island and the archipelago Aland Island is made for cycling. On the more than 1000 km of public roads in the Åland Islands you can see everything from families with children on cycling holiday to competitive cyclists who want to quickly get to the finish line.

Every start and finish will take place at Käringsund Resort & Conference where you also can book your accommodation and enjoy other happenings!

Do something extra and take part in Käringsundsloppet  –  a weekend filled with fantastic cycling!