Preregistered 2017

Here you find the PRE REGISTERED 2017

You can still sign up and pick up your registration packet as follows:

Thursday 29.6, kl.11.00-18.00 at Sportcenter (Norragatan 9, Mariehamn)
Friday 30.6, kl.17.00-19.00 from the race office in Käringsund
Sunday 2.7, kl.9.30-11.00 in Käringsund
(pre registered can pick up their registration packet until 11.30)

NEW INFO about Käringsundsloppet 170km!

Due to few participants in this year´s 170km race it has been decided that the competition will not be carried through as planned this year.
The participants will cycle together along the planned route, according to the scheduled timetable and have a fantastic cycling day along the roads at Åland. But no timing, no winner. A service car will drive along the route, but no judge nor service guy will be there

Interested to cycle with them? Please contact us at

The open classes (85km, 33km and 10km) on Sunday 2.7 will be arranged according to plan!
(Updated 16.6.2017)


Käringsundsloppet 2017 – with new challenges!

With a relatively flat landscape, short distances, most hours of sunshine in the Nordic region and a well-developed road network that extends both above the main island and the archipelago Aland Island is made for cycling. On the more than 1000 km of public roads in the Åland Islands you can see everything from families with children on cycling holiday to competitive cyclists who want to quickly get to the finish line.

Do something extra and take part in one of the bicycle events that are arranged on the Aland Island, eg Käringsundsloppet that last year became a combined fitness- and competion race, and at the same time Åland´s only real bicycle competition. This year the competition will continue to develop and extended to a just over 170 km combined road and time trial race i.a in the Åland archipelago. The race will be held on Saturday 1.7.2017.
Sunday 2.7 is devoted to open classes on the same distances as last year ie 85km,33km and just over 10km.
Every start and finish will take place at Käringsund Resort & Conference.

Welcome to Käringsundsloppet 1.-2.7.2017