Käringsundsloppet is a race with both competition- and open classes that follows UCI and SPU‘s rules.

UCI rules are partially translated into Finnish in the Finnish Cycling Union’s website (Swedish translation is coming) and into Swedish at the Swedish Cycling Federation website. The Finnish national adaptations applies in Käringsundsloppet.

The open classes has less strict directives but the following rules apply to all classes in the race:

  • The participant must wear a officially approved helmet during the whole race and have a  safe two-wheel bike with functioning brakes.
  • No recumbent bikes are allowed (dispensation can be given in exceptional cases, please contact the organizer).
  • No tempo and triathlon handlebars or extra frames are allowed (barends are allowed), nor completely covered wheels are allowed. Exceptions are the three time trials races in Käringsundsloppet 170km where these are allowed. (dispensation can be given in exceptional cases also in the open classes, please contact the organizer)
    Electric bikes (neteffect max 250 watts) are allowed in the electric bike classes.
  • All distances take place on public roads that are not closed to other traffic during the event. Participants shall follow general traffic rules at intersection with rights of way or mandatory stop unless traffic wardens stop the traffic.
    Consideration should be shown to all road users, instructions from organizers and traffic wardens shall be followed.
  • Car/ motorcycle is driving in front of the competition classes to make other road users aware of the ongoing cycle race.
    Also the open classes have a car driving in front of them for about 1km. Participants must under no circumstances pass these cars.
  • To prevent other traffic and for long periods ride on the oncoming traffic lane is prohibited.
  • Bicycle path should be used where it is possible, especially in the open classes.
  • No own escortcars or depots are allowed. Unregistered cyclists are not allowed to follow the participants along the routes.
  • Participants are not allowed to use phone (calls, messeges, photographing) when sitting on the bike. In you in case of emergency need to use the phone you step off the bike and walk away from the road for not affecting the safety during the race.
  • It is not allowed to listen to music on headphones during the race because attention to the other participants and other road users will suffer.
  • Juniors under 12 years old must have an adult companion during the whole route.
  • Violation of the rules, trafficrules and deviation from route can lead to disqualification.
  • The participants gives the race organisation the right to use pictures and film material taken during the race to be used free of rights in the future marketing of the event.

All participate at their own risk and it is recommended to have an accident insurance.

The Government of Åland´s flyer about rules when Biking in Åland you can find here:Cykla på Åland SV-EN