About the race

Käringsundsloppet was organized for the first time a few years ago as an “anniversary race” for a bicycle interested birthday child and has continued to be held as a popular recreational race. The race has developed and has today both open class races and race classes with distances for both beginners and the more experienced cyclist that wants a challenge.
The open class races of 11 km (Juniorrundan) as well as 33- and 85 km (85km still this year due to road works) are suitable for both the beginner and the holidaymaker who wants a little bit longer challenge.
The 170km combined road and time trial race (no license needed) is a challenge even for the experienced cyclist. Both the long route and time limits will be a part of the challenge for the participants.

NEW- Open classes for ELECTRIC BIKES

We are taking another step towards being available for all and are allowing electric bikes in the open classes for Käringsundsloppet (85, 33 and 11 km). By allowing electric bikes in our race, we are giving more people the chance to a more mobile life!

An electric bike doesn’t have to only be an alternative for those who want to avoid cycling uphill, for those who are tired of looking for a parking space for their car or for those who want to get places in a more environmental-friendly way than by car.

The electric bike is also an alternative for those who, for different reasons, aren’t able to use a normal bike but still want to keep up a mobile and healthy lifestyle and the opportunity to participate in the amazing experiences a event like this offers.

Even when you are using an electric bike you are getting a workout since you have to move your legs for the bike to roll forward- you choose yourself how much work you do and how much the engine (netpower max 250 watts) helps you. The engine boosts the pedals and doesn’t get any additional force when the speed is over 25 km/h.

Do you want to participate in Käringsundsloppet with your electric bike? Then register to one of our three distances for electric bikes.

Just choose – there is a suitable route for everyone!

Start- and finish line is at Käringsund Resort & Conference, which is the competition center. The participants are here offered service as dressing room and sauna and also parking lots close to the start and finish. Relatives and friends who aren´t participating in the race can, like other audience, watch the start and finish from the sunny terrace and during the race entertain themselves with various activities near the competition area – a successful day for everyone!

On 30.6 there will be entertainment at Käringsund in the form of a buffe and dancing with Mantix!

The main organizer of the race is Åland Event,  in close cooperation with Åland Triathlon Club.

 Classes and distances 2018

Käringsundsloppet 170km (competition, no license needed)

Start Saturday 30.6 at 7.00 am
Classes: Competition men, Competition women

Note the following:

  • A total of 30 spots in the competition
  • Participants must complete the first road race (70km) in 2 hours 25 minutes, otherwise he/she will be disqualified
Käringsundsloppet 85km (open class)

Start Sunday 1.7, at 10 am
Classes: Open class, open class for electric bikes

Käringsundsloppet 33km (open class)

Start Sunday 1.7, at 12.00 noon
Classes: Open class, open class for electric bikes

Käringsundsloppets Juniorrundan (approx. 11 km)

Start Sunday 1.7, at 12.00 noon
Class: Open class (for adults), juniors (16 yrs and/or younger) and open class for electric bikes

Registration and fees 2018

Pre-registration is closed. Late registration possible, see timeschedule below.

The participant data must be correct and completely filled in.
By signing me for the race and paying the participation fee I agree to the contest rules and give my consent to the organizer to publish my (or my child’s) name, series/class, compound and nationality on participant,- start- and result lists.

HERE can you see the participants of Käringsundsloppet 2018!

Read more about Travel & Lodging!

Registration fees

– 30.4.2018
170km – 80€
110km – 40€
33km – 25€
10km – 10€/5€ (adults/ 16 yrs or younger)

1.5- 24.6.2018
170km – 100€
85km – 55€
33km – 30€
10km – 10€/5€ (adults/ 16 yrs or younger)

Late registration at the competition site
Friday at 5-8 pm, Saturday 8-10pm and Sunday 8.30-11.00 (85km only until 9.00 am)

170km – 150€  Note! Late registration only on Friday!
85km – 70€
33km – 45€
10km – 20€/10€ (adults/ 16 år or younger)

The registration fee includes:

  • Registration
  • Bib-number
  • Chip for electronic timing
  • Medal to all participants at the finish line
  • Dressing room, sauna after the race
  • 3€ discount at the cafe by showing your Bib-number (at least 10€ purchase)
  • chance to win raffle prizes (applies for pre-registered)

Käringsundsloppet 170km also includes following:

  • Free participation in Käringsundsloppets open classes on Sunday 1.7 
  • Prizes for the three fastest in both competition classes (men resp. women)
  • Possibility to send your own drinks/ energi with the organizers´vehicles.


All starts and finishes take place at Käringsund Resort & Conference.

Routedescription and interaktive maps for 10km, 33km, 85km and 170km

The competition distance of 170km takes the participants from Käringsund (Eckerö) – Lumparland – Föglö – Kumlinge – Vårdö – Käringsund (Eckerö). The race is a combined road and time trial race, consisting of two road race (c 70km and 75km) and three time trials (all about 11km).
Note! Participants have to get to the first ferry in 2 hours 25 minutes to get to continue to race.

Map (pdf) and Route description of Käringsundsloppet 170km

All routes are marked with arrows in advance of the upcoming turns and, if necessary, there are traffic wardens along the route to stop other traffic. At intersections without arrows means that participants continue forward. Despite the marked route participants are recommended to pre-acquainted with the map and route description.
Competition classes have car (-s) driving in front of the cyclists at the road races. Open classes have a car in front of them for about 1km.

Juniorrundan – in cooperation with Smartpark!

Juniorrundan cooperates with Smartpark, the family park on Åland.
The participants of the approximately 11km route will have their turning point at Smartpark, where they receive a discount coupon (30% on the entry fee) before turning back to Käringsund again!


The Organizers have the right, even on short notice, to change the routes if necessary (for example sudden roadworks).

Prizes and prize award ceremony

All participants receive a medal at the finish line.

In the competition classes the fastest in both men and women class are rewarded. Prize award ceremony will be held at Saturday June 30th, at 9 pm at Käringsund Resort & Conferences terrace.
Raffle prizes among the pre-registered in the open classes of Käringsundsloppet. These are raffled after the start and awarded after the finish.

Other information and timeschedule


Eventschedule for the Käringsundsloppet 2018!
RacePM Käringsundsloppet 2018!
Organizers keep the right to make changes!

Registration packet

The packet includes bib number (2 pieces/ participants in race class, 1 piece/ participant in open class) and timing chip.
Participants in the race classes fasten their bib numbers with safety pins (included in the packet) on both hips or on both sides of the body, see pictures 1-2. In open classes participants fasten their bib numbers on the back, see picture 3


Note! The bib number gives you 3 € discount in the cafe after finishing the race (at least 10€ purchase)

Registration packets are picked up as follows from the competition office at Käringsund: 

Friday 29.6 at 5-8 pm
Saturday 30.6 at 8-10 pm
Sunday 1.7 at 8.30-11.30


Timing is done with chip attached with cable ties (get them from the organizer) far down at the left front fork of the cycle. Tighten the cable ties properly and cut off the extra part.

If a participant cancel the race, the chip shall be returned to the race office without delay. After finishing the race to organizers take care of the chip.
For non-returned / lost the chip the participant will be charged 90€.

The time is calculated from the start (starting shot) until the participant cross the finish line (applies Juniorrundan, 33km and 110km).
On Käringsundloppet 170km the participants gets five (5) different times which are being combined into a total end time. The participant with the lowest total time win the race.

First aid

First aid- trained personnel present at the race office/ along the route and can be contacted. In case of a serious accident, call 112!

Service points

Along the 85km route is a service point (water and sportdrink, self service). At the 10km Juniorrundan the participants will get fluid at the turning point at SmartPark. Along the 33km route there is no service station, but at the finish line there is water, juice, Powerade sports drinks, coffee, bun and banana for all participants!
At the 170km -tour there is no service point during the races, but access to service (water, sportsdrinks) between the different stages. Lunch (ground meat soup, bread) is served between stage 2 and 3, snack (coffee, bun and banana) will be served between stage 3 and 4. Possible to send your own drinks/ energi with the organizers´vehicles.
Please don´t litter our nature! Bring debris from e.g. enery bars to the finish line.


Bicycle Service

There are no service stations along the open class distances but there are service vehicles that are ready to help if needed. Contact the organizer (+358405223823) in case help is needed.
In the competition class (170km) a skilled bicycle fixer will follow the participants.
Own service vehicles are allowed, however at least 5 cyclists / service car.


Free parking lots close to the start- and finisharea.

Lost property

Handed to the organizers who keep them during the current season (until 31.10.2018) if they haven´t been collected during the competition weekend.
After the season, leftovers are submitted to charity organizations.


If you for some reason have to cancel the race, you should notify the nearest volunteer or contact the organizer by phone (+358405223823). If you need help to get back to Käringsund it can be arranged.

We think about nature!

The disposable vessels that we use during the contests are compostable and are sorted during/after the contest. We have also joined barkraft.ax and made some promises that strives towards a sustainable society. We are Kranmärkt-certified, which means that we don’t give out bottled water during the contests.
We are constantly working further on this and our goal is to be eco labelled in the future!
Read more about our environment policy on www.alandevent.ax



Cancellation policy

Cancellation is eligible for reimbursement according to the following:

  • up to 4 weeks before the race with a full refund minus 5€
  • 4-1 weeks before the race with a 50% refund
  • 7-2 days before the race with a 30% refund
  • for cancellations made within 2 days before the race there is no refund or relocation for the following year’s contest.

Cancellations shall be made by email to info@alandevent.com by attaching a scanned document of the payment transaction of your registration fee or a print screen of the transaction.
Notify the organizer if you won´t take part in the competition.