Vibe-erbjudande 20%

The Swedish Bicycle Fair was canceled due to the corona pandemic but instead Vibe – Virtual Bike Expo will be held 7-11.5.2020. At all exhibitors who would have been present at the Swedish Bicycle Fair can for example offer great deals!
The Käringsundsloppet will join this year’s Vibe-fair and offers a 20% discount on the participant fees when you register with the code Vibe2020! Offer is valid 7-11.5.2020


Covid -19

We are following updates, recommendations and information regarding the COVID-19 virus. We also have an active contact with the authorities and, in consultation with them, looking in to different possibilities how to arrange Käringsundsloppet in a responsible way.
At the moment we continue to prepare to arrange the Käringsundsloppet according to the original plan 27.-28.6.2020


Käringsundsloppet 27-28.6.2020

With a relatively flat landscape, short distances, most hours of sunshine in the Nordic region and a well-developed road network that extends both above the main island and the archipelago Aland Island is made for cycling. On the more than 1000 km of public roads in the Åland Islands you can see everything from families with children on cycling holiday to competitive cyclists who want to quickly get to the finish line.

Do something extra and take part in Käringsundsloppet , a cycling event on a regular or electric bike!
On Saturday 27.6 there is a just over 170 km combined road and time trial race i.a in the Åland archipelago. Sunday 28.6 is devoted to open classes at 110km,33km and 10km – these three on regular or electric bike!

Käringsundsloppet 170km

Every start and finish will take place at Käringsund Resort & Conference where we on Sunday at the finish offer a light lunch to all participants!